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If I had to use one word to describe what I want out of life, it might be "Fullfilment".  I want to end this life knowing I have done all I can to leave the Earth, and the people in it, a better place for my passing.  More specifically, I want my wife and children to have fulfillment.  I want their dreams to come true, and strive every day to know how to make that happen.

As most any parent out there feels the same, I wanted to catalogue anything learned along the way.  Raising 5 kids and striving to be the best husband I can be to the love of my life, provides ample opportunities to rise, fall, and rise again.  

This blog is designed for us to learn life lessons and celebrate victory and success together!
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  1. Gravel grind your heart out
    You can't control all that happens to you in life. Even more tenuous are the factors that come with a long bike ride over mountain passes. This day I learned to roll with the punches and make the best of what life threw me. It was a long journey, but I was back before the kids were out of school!
  2. The joy of parenthood is re-lived each time you have a child.
    Going from "We just had a baby" to "My wife just had a baby", and why I see things a little differently.
  3. Running in Sulpher Creek Valley, Meeker
    Take A Sunday Drive On A Peckerwood Trail Don't Plan It! Why sometimes, an unplanned adventure is better than a scheduled vacation: My youth is filled with memories of something we like to call "Peckerwood Trails".  These aptly named and most cherished adventures were a creation of my adventurous and ever spontaneous parents.  For the sake of Accuracy, I can't say how frequent these adventures were, but I can say that I don't feel like many of our adventures were planned very far in advance.
  4. Running in Sulpher Creek Valley, Meeker
    From Jack to King Becoming a Master why you should find something(s) to become a skilled master of Just last week, many of us had the pleasure of witnessing an act of true mastery.  In fact, the event I'm referring to is known as "The Masters".  It is the golf tournament played each spring, as snow melts off the shady sides of our Colorado mountains.  If you have ever played golf, you may have an idea of it's complexity, and how much practice it takes just to be able to hit a few solid,