​                 FAMILY MAN

A Little About Me

To Be A Master of Something

Living in the high desert of the Rocky Mountain range, my wife and I are raising 5 children to the best of our abilities and attempting to have some fun along the way.
We want to instill in our kids a sense of responsibility to mankind.  Not one of burden, but of charity and love, helping those in need and giving all we can.
We have had babies in Idaho, Washington, New Mexico, and now, Colorado. 

Cassi and I never argue or disagree on anything.
My wife and I love each other and are honest and open and have learned a lot in our 12 years of marriage, and 11 years of parenthood.  We learn more every day.  Our hobbies and interests differ, but I hope this Blog can demonstrate that as for Family, our hearts and minds are aligned.  We want the best for our children and each other, and all we do is to that end.

And don't forget the fun along the way!